Shane Dwight

Show review – Shane Dwight at Mojo’s Kitchen, Jacksonville Beach, FL 11/30/12

( Our rambling man Phledge slips back to Gator Country – as Molly Hatchet used to say- for some ribs and blues on the run! – Ed.)

Shane Dwight at Mojo's Kitchen 11/30/12

Shane Dwight at Mojo’s Kitchen 11/30/12

Having played both stages at the renowned Springing the Blues festival several times, and hosted the raucous afterparty at Mojo’s as the jamleader/ MC, Shane Dwight has quite a local following on the First Coast, and he took the stage to a warm welcome on Friday night. Sending out props to STB promoter Sam Veal ( ” Always looking to help out musicians..” ) for having schlepped a drum kit to Mojo’s to help out in a pinch, Shane and his band lit into a string of blues/rock standards, reaching often into the Stevie Ray Vaughan catalog for classics like  ” Texas Flood ” and  ” Pride and Joy”. Shane can sling with the best, and his voice is strong enough to carry the tunes and weathered enough to credibly reflect the lyrics. Regrettably, we couldn’t stay long enough for his crowd-pleasing Hendrix covers ( what’s that about Hellhounds on my trail?), but the sight and sound of the powerfully built guy wearing out the Fenders was like one of Stevie Ray’s ” Cold Shot”s to the face, propelling us off into the Northeast Florida night.

Shane cookin' in the blues Kitchen!

Shane cookin’ in the blues Kitchen!

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