Dash Rip Rock- Bradfordville Blues Club, Bradfordville, FL

Dash Rip Rock at the Bradford Blues Club 11/30/13

Dash Rip Rock at the Bradfordville Blues Club 11/30/13 ( l-r) Bill Davis, Kyle M., Patrick Johnson


Concert Short Takes-  Dash Rip Rock at the Bradfordville Blues Club

An unexpected drive-by from our friend Teri Jo out in the Florida hinterlands! – Ed.

Still going after all these years, hillbilly punk rock’n’roll band Dash Rip Rock stopped in at the historic Bradfordville Blues Club Saturday night and ripped a series of songs with hot guitar riffs and rocket-fast lyrics!  A good crowd of Dash fans piled into the historic Mississippi Blues Trail venue, enjoying ice-cold beer and great table service.  The first set was broadcast live over a local radio show, so frontman Bill Davis kept it cool with songs from their new album  ” Dash Does Shaver ” , cover songs from the Texas country-rocker Billy Joe Shaver.  Best of all, Dash’s long-time former drummer Kyle was back, blasting the drums and adding his wild sense of humor to the set.  Not to be outdone, new bassist  Patrick Johnson got into a running commentary act, in addition to some pretty hot bass licks.  Nothing like fast rock’n’roll covers of country heartbreak songs to get the crowd up and dancing!

The band threw some perennial sing-along tunes into the first set, including their classic “I Wanna Be Locked Inside a Liquor Store With You,” but saved the true Dash oldies for the non-broadcast second set:  “Bum Fuck Egypt,” “Let’s Go Smoke Some Pot,” and “Pussy-Whipped” brought out all the singalong drunks, but the band’s insertion of micro-riffs from “Sweet Home Alabama” [after Auburn’s wild win] and “Freebird” into their own songs brought the house down.  Dash still has it going on, and continues to be a hard-driving and bitterly funny act.  Amazing that they’re still playing small clubs after all these years. Won’t somebody take them big-time???? Keep it going, Dash!!!

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